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We do take bookings!

Tables are available to book at all times Monday – Thursday & Sunday.  Friday’s we’ll accept booking for arrival prior to 7pm and Saturday’s prior to 5pm.

After that it’s first come first served.

To make a booking, and for all other enquires please click here

Opening Times

Monday-Friday 5pm-1am
(door closes at 12.30am)

Open from 2pm on Saturday
Sunday 7-1am
(door closes 12.30am)

  • Dress Code – Clothes are preferred & a prerequisite to entry/service

  • Please sit down – We employ people to stand and relay drinks all night so you don’t have to. Be it a bar seat or a table we operate on a tab based system. Sit back, relax and allow us to do all the leg work.

  • Yes, the bottle of water on your table is free (Did you really think it would be vodka?).

  • Waste your time efficiently, we’re very helpful with that and have a bar and floor team wholly dedicated to the task.

  • Drinking is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

  • We do offer non-alcoholic options. We also try to be as accommodating as possible to dietary requirements. Simply ask.

  • No disagreement in a bar was ever resolved with fighting, it makes you look like a tit in front of everyone and we have zero tolerance policy.

  • We don’t do the whole service charge thing but if you feel a member(s) of staff provided a service worthy of recognition then happily let them know.

No Shrubs By QMC £8
Features & Design

House grog (ft. Sailor Jerry, Wood’s Navy & other rums), papaya, grapefruit, passionfruit shrub, lime, cinnamon. Served as ‘the yellow one in the bin’.

Technical Information

The Boilermaker iconic serve, but with a new (and tastier!) boozy beverage swapping out the hip-hop for guilty pleasure RnB. 50p of each drink is donated towards the Nottingham Children’s Hospital.


Old Lady Marmalade £8
Features & Design

Earl Grey steeped Broker’s gin, ruby port, lemon, marmalade. Served in nana’s finest crockery.

Technical Information

Voulez-vous boire du thé avec moi ce soir?


Super Campario Bros £8
Features & Design

Monkey Shoulder whisky, Campari, Umeshu plum sake, mushroom, jasmine, lemon, soda. Served long in a guarded warp pipe.

Technical Information

After bringing you the most heroic plumber of all time, Japan & Italy team up again for a refreshing highball. Featuring performance enhancing mushroom to make it big…on flavour. Press Start to continue.


Figgy Stardust £8
Features & Design

El Jimador Blanco tequila, Cynar, fig, pomegranate shrub, black walnut. Served with glitz & glamour.

Technical Information

Ziggy the glam rock alien, from the Romanticism years of Bowie’s career, can still teach some important principles. Push boundaries, don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself but stay true to your personal values. Find inspiration in anything wherever you are, and whatever you do. Bonus fact: This drinks flavours were inspired by a supposedly banging salad one of the bartenders once had.


Bloody JalMary £8
Features & Design

Reyka vodka, Maggi masala chilli hot sauce, tomato, mango chutney, bell pepper, lime, jalfrezi spices. Served in a pot with a mini poppadom.

Technical Information

So long ‘Thai Hard’, it was a long Thai’m coming. I’m guessing you’ve caught on by now that our bloody mary twists reflect and emulate particular world foods…yeah we’ve stuck with that, this time round a jalfrezi inspired libation incorporating mango chutney syrup, bell pepper water, and a baddass new favourite hot sauce.

Service & Support

Contains mustard seed.


Average Joe’s Gin’naseum £8
Features & Design

Hayman’s Old Tom gin, Cocchi Americano aperitif, cookie dough infused Georgia Moon moonshine. Served with a cacao flavoured dodgeball and a dip dab.

Technical Information

“Dodgeball is sport of violence, bullying and degradation so when you’re picking players in gym glass remember to pick the bigger, stronger guys for your team; that way you can gang up on the weaker ones like Winston here.” Remember the 5 Ds of dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip-Dab, Dodge.


Paint It Black £8
Features & Design

Skipper’s demerara rum, ginger & habanero falernum, sesame, tiki bitters. Served as it says on the tin.

Technical Information

This drink started off as a much different concept until we got the stone rolling into its final form. Despite going through several iterations, two things remained, a Brown Sugar base for both the rum and falernum – second for it to be painted, painted, painted, painted black.

Service & Support

Contains almonds & sesame. It’s pretty spicy!


Gin Gardens of Versailles £8
Features & Design

Hendrick’s gin, Chase elderflower, lemon, pink grapefruit, floral bitters.
Served up in a bed of roses.

Technical Information

The story of coupe glasses originally being modelled on breasts of Marie Antoinette (Queen of France, bloody loved flowers) is a myth; they came earlier from England (home of gin and people with allotments). Raise a glass to both with this floral, pretty in pink délice.


Snoop Dogg’s Herbal Gin n’ Juice £8
Features & Design

Broker’s gin, El Jimador blanco tequila, Yellow Chartreuse, pineapple, coriander, celery, lime. Served in a juice carton.

Technical Information

“Rollin’ down the street, drinking El Jimbo, sipping on gin ‘n juice” An old school rendition of a bartender favourite: verdita. Combining gin, tequila, herbal liqueur, and pineapple blended up with fresh herbs creating something that’s fresh, grassy & balanced.

Service & Support

Contains celery.


Beachhut Brunch £8
Features & Design

House grog (ft. Sailor Jerry, Wood’s Navy & other rums), smoked banana butter, soured guanabana, Outpost cold brew coffee, maldon sea salt. Served with a mini fried brunch..

Technical Information

Butter melting in a hot pan. Fried banana’s gently caramelising. The smell of fresh coffee. The sound of waves breaking on the beach, Far too much rum for this time of day. It’s the life that Donn Beach (founding father of Tiki) wanted for you, so get out there and live it.


Features & Design

Belenkaya vodka, Disaronno, apricot, blood orange, peach iced tea, lemon, peychaud’s bitters. Served with some interpretation required.

Technical Information

Remember when some people thought text-speak was destroying language and the sentiment that a single picture could speak 1000 words? We’ve selected 4 that rather aptly and succinctly describes the feeling of several million grains of sand in all the wrong places on a deserted beach.

Maggie T’s Snatch of the Day £8
Features & Design

Buffalo Trace bourbon, Fernet Branca, butterscotch Angel Delight, blackberry, sage. Served in a milk bottle.

Technical Information

The economic outlook looking bleak and team conservative trying to pull out all the stops before the final minute, a sheer £4million short of winning the tax cut premiership, Maggie comes out from the right, tackles and snatches the milk, Maggie’s done it! The crowd goes wild!


Strong Gindependent Woman £8
Features & Design

Broker’s gin, RinQuinQuin peach aperitif, bergamot, lemon, fizzy passionfruit Savvy B. Served as a Friday night in watching the telly.

Technical Information

You’re a commanding presence, a strong independent woman who don’t take shit from no man. Whether you’re single or have a man who just seems like he listens, but doesn’t listen listen. There’s no denying life is lush when you have the apartment to yourself curled up on sofa, with a bottle of wine and some choccies re-watching your favourite DVD.


Noisy Cricket Julep £8
Features & Design

Buffalo Trace bourbon, Mozart Dark chocolate, Branca Menta, tonka, praline. Served with praline.

Technical Information

Since Roswell the Men in Black-Mozart have sought the Orb…A chocolate hazelnut treat in golden foil with a silly name…said to contain the galaxy.

Service & Support

Contains Hazelnut


Meditation Libation £8
Features & Design

Coconut washed Reyka vodka, aloe vera, mango, pistachio. Served with peace of mind.

Technical Information

Inspired by the minimalist aesthetics of a zen garden. Peace, tranquility and allowing the stresses of the day dissolve away, or at least they would if Tina from accounts would stop sending you out-of-office emails about the ONE thing you really needed to get done today but still won’t get done tomorrow. Turn off your phone and imbibe!


Gin Rickey ‘n Morty £8
Features & Design

Portobello Road Gin, Rick Sanchez’ Szechuan infused sloe gin, lime. Served dangerously with lasers fired.

Technical Information

Just trust me on this one Mortey. People hated getting rick rolled in the 00s Mortey…Gin rickeys are over, th-th-they’re over Mortey. B-But we can bring ‘em back…I just need some of that Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce.


Cool Rummings £8
Features & Design

Appleton Estate signature blend rum, Koko Kanu coconut rum, Wray & Nephew cream, Supermalt, condensed milk, jerk spice, egg white. Served as a participation award.

Technical Information

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s drinking time! Coooool rummings! Always try your best against all the odd’s even if it ends up *ahem*…Jamaican you wray-zy! (…Ok we know that was terrible but we regret nothing).

Service & Support

Contains egg white & cow’s milk.


Pornstar Mankini £8
Features & Design

Stolichnaya vodka, various tropical fruits, lychee, burlesque bitters Served exotically unbalanced, badly underdressed with a gradually exposed bollock.

Technical Information

Sometimes you want a pornstar & sometimes you have an unhealthy obsession with Pamela Anderson…whatever you’re looking for, a mankini is always a solid fashion choice.


Liquor-rettes & Alcohol £8
Features & Design

Monkey Shoulder, Scuttlebutt Porter reduction, peat.

Technical Information

Back in the 90s the Gallagher’s were probably referring to a six pack of tinnies; but after the rise, the breakup, the solo projects and the fashion labels we Definitely Maybe think they’d prefer this smoky sipper. So leave the champagne to the supernovas: You won’t live forever but maybeeee, I said maybeeee, tonight, you’re a rock n’ roll star.


One Flew Pernod’ver the Woo Woo’s Nest £8
Features & Design

Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka, Disaronno, Pernod Absinthe, cranberry jelly, lemon, peach, dandelion & burdock. Served with its daily dose of medication, restrained for its own safety.

Technical Information

Fugue state – amnesia for personal identity, leading to the creation of a new one. This lost-soul Woo Woo has fallen victim to the madness of the Green Fairy and been prescribed the sweet medicine of Dandelion & Burdock.


If none of those are your choice of tipple, we can do the classic stuff as well. Including but by no means limited to:

Martini £8
Reyka vodka or No. 209 Gin & Noilly prat. (dry/wet, twist/olive/naked).

Manhattan £8
Rittenhouse 80 rye, Cocchi di Torino & bitters. (sweet/dry/perfect).

Espresso Martini £8
Reyka vodka, Tia Maria, Outpost cold brew coffee.

Trader Vic Mai Tai £8
Clement rhums (Canne bleu, Vieux select barrel & Orange creole), lime, almond, bitters.

Revolver £8
Buffalo Trace, Borghetti, orange bitters.

Tommy’s Margarita £8
Calle 23 Reposado, Lime, Agave, no salt (straight up/on the rocks)

Sidecar £8
Hennessy VS, Cointreau, Lemon